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Judges Competency Framework

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Responsibilities as a KC Breed Observer

• To engage with the Breed Education Coordinator (BEC) and agree to undertake the observation of a Level 2 judge who wishes to progress to Level 3
• To discuss with the judge on the day, the reason why certain dogs were placed as they were
• To ask the judge to provide a detailed critique on some of the dogs placed (having agreed which placings would require this in advance)
• To provide constructive feedback to the judge to reflect on their appointment and identify key learning points and areas for development for the future
• To provide feedback to the BEC for updating the judges record
• To refer the judge to other sources of information, advice or further support when appropriate, including the KCA
• To encourage the judge to take responsibility for their own decisions, plans and actions when appropriate.
• To formally advise the judge of the outcome of the observation, in a format applicable for upload onto the Kennel Club Academy
• To present a positive image of the Kennel Club and follow the Code of Best Practice for Assessors
• To keep up-to-date, accurate and confidential records of all observations and feedback to judges
• To keep up-to-date, accurate and confidential records of all contact with the BEC

Code of Best Practice for BREED OBSERVATION


• Assessing a Judge’s ability to demonstrate their understanding of the breed standard and ring manner
• Final JCF Level 2 breed specific requirement
• Similar to first time CC evaluations or A2 assessments

Observers Eligibility

• Judge registered at JCF Level 4 for that breed
• Judge who has previously awarded CCs but has retired from judging and has the regard of the breed club/s
• All breed clubs/councils to be involved in drawing up a list of Breed Observers
• Available via the JCF system

If you feel that you could be a Boxer Observer and meet the requirements for the Observer Scheme please email your details HERE
You can see, from the geographical areas below, the areas our existing Observers can cover - we would welcome more ...... please get in touch!

Based on areas

Yvonne Miller & Walker Miller (Walkon)
Betty McDonald (Yeteb)
Janice Mair (Glenauld)
Lynn Mair (Glenauld)

Di Johnson (Dicarl)
Vicky Bell (Surfstone)
Greg Dowell & Sandra Huckerby (Norwilbeck / Bellchime)
Marion McArdle (Mcarmadale)

Jean Watson & Tony Watson (Roylark)
Derek Smith (Clickam)
Andrew Brace (Tragband)
Sandra Parle (Elrap)

Keith Baldwin (Nightstorm)

Ian Basnett (Eriska)
Steve Gething (Jeddhi)
Frank Kane (Hirontower)
Val Jordan (Sunvalley)
Christine Ellingworth (Doncleve)
Wendy Brooks (Jinnybrux)

Christina Chapman (Burkis)
Graham Mullis (Idleforde)
Julie Cook (Manic)
Claire Kay (Seacrest)
Debbi Huggins (Daervlish)
Joe Smith (Mowgli)
Ruth Perret (Bockendon)
Eddie & Helen Banks (Norwatch / Sunhawk)

Philip Greenway (Rayfos)
Gill Davies (Kenbru)
Malcolm James (Maromad)
Terry John (Westernmoor)

Linda Spencer (Derun)
Tony Curtin & Stewart Lockwood-Brown (Shiloh)

Linda Carnaby (Tartarian)
Eileen Kelly (Casemates)

Tim Hutchings (Winuwuk)
Denise Pye (Burnden)

Fiona Godwin (Sultash)
Barbara Morison (Xandene)
John Cormack (Sugarwood)
Veronica Feaver (Sugarwood)

Sue Drinkwater (Sulez)
Laura Clark (Clarkenwells)
Viv Mathews (Brubor)
Lesley Wearing (Miofrey)
Liz Cartledge (Ryslip)
Edna Woods (Sandyne)
Michael Bruggenburg-Rothschild (Merribox)
Mark Beardow (Sipowitz)
Wendy Mitchell (Diceulon)

Brenda Groves (Jimbren)
Ann Ingram (Tirkane)